How Was Your Trip?

Raquel at the Ikea in Orebro

Staying at a Manor
"European Delivery participants get put up for the first night at the Ronnum Manor in Vänersborg. Then they take you to get your car. We can't wait for our Saab to arrive in Texas! It'll take six weeks to get here."

"The Swedish farmstay we stayed at, Ida's Stuga (from $83), doesn't provide linens, so we got our own at Ikea. Raquel loved the tiny shopping carts they have for kids."

"We arrived on a beautiful Saturday, and there were more people than we'd ever seen! The next day, we went to our car, only to find that we were about to get a ticket. We had been told parking was free! We offered to pay and acted ignorant. He said he'd let us go this time."

Swedish Farmstay
"We found Ida's Stuga on that website. It was great: We had the bottom floor to ourselves. (The top floor was private.) There was a kitchen, too. Raquel ran all over the house, and she could make all the noise she wanted."

Frederiksborg Castle
"We ended up accidentally driving on a private road. We snapped a whole lot of pictures and hightailed it out of there."

Hotel Milton
"Near Hälsingborg, Sweden, is a hotel where the people are so nice ( It was Raquel's birthday when we were there, so they sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. And then she threw up the birthday cake."

'We Got a Warm Welcome'
The Rendons loved having their own car: "It was like we had a home base," says Tina. "But bringing Raquel on the trip meant that we had a lot of stuff--so much that one taxi driver asked if we were immigrating there!"

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