Quidditch Pitches

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Calling all Muggles: If you find yourself boarding the train at Platform 9 ¾ this summer, here's a guide to what to do next.

To enjoy a spirited game of Quidditch, one must trek out onto a deserted moor to visit one of the pitches where the professional teams play. The British and Irish League includes thirteen teams, including the famous Holyhead Harpies, an all-witch team led by the brilliant but dangerous Gwenog Jones.

Tickets to matches may be purchased at the Ministry of Magic in London (Department of Magical Games and Sports, level seven) or at the gate. Quidditch, which resembles football but is played on broomsticks hundreds of feet in the air, is enough to delight wizard and non-wizard alike. Yet the Quidditch stadiums are interesting places to visit in their own right. Each stadium is unique and has its own heritage and lore. In 1884, for example, a Golden Snitch escaped from a match on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and is said to be living wild on the moor to this day. A brand new stadium has been built at Exmoor in Devon.

The problems surrounding the ill-advised use of an invisibility charm on the stadium have now been resolved, and Re-Visibilty Spectacles are no longer required, although a non-magical visitor may find himself lost in the special Ministry of Magic fog that has been used of late to hide the structure. A similar tactic may have to be used at the stadium on the Yorkshire moors, as non-magical folks have been drawn to the sound of cheering on more than one occasion.

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