How Was Your Trip?


'The Kids Were So Comfortable'
"Ben, Peter, and Laura really responded to everyone they met," says Karen of the Gordons' time in South Korea. "They could really tell that the Korean people cared about them and wanted to connect."

Korean Folk Show
"We got to the folk village near Suwon just in time to see the shows--with a wedding, acrobats, and a farmer's dance."

Meeting the Locals
"We brought an album with photos of our life in Alaska to help people see what it's like where we're from."

A Really Neat Meal
"A woman at a tourist center arranged a meal for us at Hahoe Folk Village. We sat at a low table in the open air, with birds singing and the river nearby."

Pretty in Pink
"We bought Laura a hanbok at a market in Daegu, where she was born. She wanted a purple or blue one, but we could only find them in pink or red--it turns out that those are the colors most often used for girls' hanboks."

Bulguksa Temple
"We rode a shuttle from the temple to a nearby grotto, which looks over the countryside. It was so beautiful up there! We took a hiking trail back down to the temple."

Guest-House in Gyeongju
"Sarangchae Guest House was by far our favorite place to stay. It's a 200-year-old hanok (a traditional Korean house), and each room is a little different. It's a special place."

Biking in Seoul
"We all really enjoyed the evening that we spent biking along the Han River. We were just an ordinary family riding together, just like all the other families that we saw."

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