How Was Your Trip?

A park in Santiago

"We lived like locals," Eva says. "We just slowed down and enjoyed being together."

The Clarkes adjusted quickly to the rhythms of Spain--sleeping in, taking midday siestas, and strolling around before dinner. Here's more on their trip.

A Gem in Girona
"We all loved our historic apartment in Girona, but it was nearly impossible to get to by car, even with a map and GPS! We finally just parked and walked the rest of the way."

On Top of the World
"The parador in Cardona was huge! Another family was staying there, too, but there was so much space that we felt like we had the place to ourselves."

To Market, to Market
"Willy was the only one in his Spanish class in Santander. His teacher, Manuel, put together fun lessons, like trying out food vocabulary at the market."

Tray Chic
"We bought this plate in Santiago. The scallop shell is the symbol for the Camino de Santiago, a famous pilgrimage path to the city."

Bow-Wow in Bilbao
"Guggenheim Bilbao is über-cool--I don't know how Frank Gehry dreamed it up. Outside, Jeff Koons' Puppy stands more than 40 feet tall and is covered with flowers."

Hola, Dalí
"Dalí's house in Cadaqués is amazing. There are statues and objects all over the place. It's almost like a Dalí painting brought to life."

Two of a Kind
"This statue is in a park in Santiago. We walked by it all the time and always saw people getting photographed next to it. Kasia posed me for this shot."

Morbid Curiosity
"Kasia loves photography and was always taking pictures during our trip. She was just fascinated by this cemetery by the sea in Comillas."

Coffee Breaks
"At first, the kids would order orange juice, but after Willy nodded off in class one day, he and Kasia switched to café con leche. Now we're addicted to our caffeine buzz! Willy and Kasia take their coffee the way true Spaniards do, with two sugars."

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