A Signspotting Farewell


This month's Signspotting caption contest—you can read the winning entry here—marks our last. Thank you to all the readers who entered and voted each month, and to Doug Lansky, founder and editor of signspotting.com.

Signspotting.com features a new sign daily. Travelers who submit photos can earn $50 if their photo is published in one of many partner newspapers and websites. The site also features an annual contest to win a Round-The-World ticket on the Star Alliance. See the site for details on both contests.

For still more humorous signs, check out Lansky's new book, Signspotting 2: The World's Most Absurd Signs. And for those living in or visiting Stockholm this summer, visit Signspotting's outdoor sign exhibition, open to the public July 5-20, 2008.

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