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Highlights from this month's 20 Tips column: a site for checking gas prices, and a trick to keep bottles from leaking.

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1. Skip the sommelier Check with your cruise line to see if passengers are allowed to bring wine on board. On our last cruise, my husband and I brought our favorite bottle of cabernet, which costs $110 at our local wine store. There was a $10 corkage fee to drink it in the ship's restaurant (but none to drink it in our stateroom). If we had ordered the same bottle off the wine list, we would've paid almost $200 more. Cheri Flores, Fort Worth, Tex.

2. And it's good for you too When I told a fellow passenger on a cruise that I was feeling seasick, she suggested I have a green apple. It worked! Now I bring one along whenever I go on a boat. Angie Evans, Bremerton, Wash.

3. High and dry A flight attendant gave me this tip: Take off the tops of your plastic toiletry bottles holding liquids (shampoo, lotion, etc.), squeeze the sides, and put the tops back on. The bottles won't leak during the flight. Diane Telander, Glen Ellyn, Ill.

4. Fuel efficiency Before a road trip, go to for gas prices across the U.S. Check the "temperature map" for county-by-county price ranges, or type in a specific city for exact prices. Jennifer Foote, Santa Fe, N.M.

5. White out Nylon stockings are great for removing white deodorant marks on clothes. Just slip your hand in one of the legs and rub against the marks until they disappear. I keep a pair of stockings in my travel bag, just in case. Michelle Mantia, Norwell, Mass.

You can find all 20 Tips in the November 2007 issue of Budget Travel magazine.

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