Table of Contents: November 2007

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Sacred Africa
Nearly eight centuries ago, 11 churches were carved down into the Ethiopian bedrock--legend has it that angels lent a hand. You don't have to be a believer to be intrigued by their mystery or awed by their majesty.
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Ancient Africa: Aksum, Ethiopia

50 Totally Charming Hotels
Here we go again with that word charming! It's a cliché, yet when we face the difficult task of summing up a hotel's appeal--a unique mix of warmth, style, and a sense of place--it sometimes seems that no other adjective wil do...
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Windjammer's Sailing Problem
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises has long been known for a party-hearty philosophy (its first boat was named Hangover). But given the company's recent problems--unpaid staff, stranded passengers--is the party ending?

Five Hotels in San Francisco
From Japantown to Union Square, here are five fantastic properties with atmosphere to spare.

What Not to Pack
What Not to Wear's Clinton Kelly shows how to pack for a long weekend.

Road Trip: Puerto Rico
There's a lot more to Puerto Rico than San Juan--including a spectacular rain forest, scruffy beach towns, and locals who really know how to roast a pig.

40 Best Deals
To Hong Kong, Norway, American ski resorts, and other tempting destinations worldwide.

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