How Was Your Trip?

Ke Iki Beach Bungalows

Betsy and Ann enjoyed Waikiki, but it was the North Shore that really wowed them. They loved the local haunts, the spirituality of the culture, the near-empty beaches. "We even saw our first sea turtle!" Betsy says.

Hot Day, Cool Treat
"It was fun to watch the staff at Aoki's make the brilliant, multicolored concoctions. Their raspberry shave ice with vanilla ice cream on the bottom is our favorite."

Rock On
"Visiting the ancient temple Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau made us feel connected to the Hawaiian people. The site is perched high above the shore, so you get amazing views of the coastline."

A Night to Remember
"Our evening at the Halekulani was perfect--the sunset, the rum drinks, the sound of the waves, the hula dancing, and the Hawaiian music. The band's bass guitarist asked a waiter to take a photo of us with him."

One Big Garden
"We didn't have to go to a botanical garden to see beautiful flora on Oahu--it was all around us. We saw this hibiscus at a park in Waikiki."

A New Perspective
"We both felt a deep, somber connection to the memorials at Pearl Harbor. This flag is attached to the USS Arizona Memorial. Never has an American flag looked so poignant."

Peace Out
"Ke Iki is such a serene retreat, exactly what we wanted after Waikiki. The grounds are luscious, and the ocean is just steps away. Even though the bungalows were full, we often had the beach all to ourselves. On our last night, I really got into taking pictures of the sunset."

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