Table of Contents: December 2007/January 2008

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Paris and Amsterdam, Together
When Erik Torkells told his sister, Molly, he'd take her anywhere in the world as a 40th-birthday present, she picked Las Vegas. Clearly, there was work to be done.

25 Reasons We Love Fort Worth
The city is mighty cosmopolitan for a "Cowtown." The cattle drives are just for show--but the avant-garde theater, floating museum, and white-water rapids are the genuine article.
Fort Worth Google Map

Nonstop Caribbean
When the days grow chilly, it's time for a long weekend on the beach. We've compiled a list of every island you can reach nonstop from the mainland U.S. and Canada—because nothing kills the fun like a layover.
Which airlines fly where

Movie Quest!
Forget the Oscars: We're interested in the year's most travel-inspiring movies. Here's our top 10, with how to re-create the best moments. Starring the original Golden Globe trotter, our own Bud Travel.
Bud Travel slide show

Holiday Travel Made Easier
'Tis the season...for long lines and frayed nerves. Santa may not have to fly commercial, but you do. Here's how to cope.

Road Trip: Northeastern Florida
Florida's northeast coast has plenty to thrill kids, but you don't have to be a youngster (or sip from the Fountain of Youth) to have a blast.

40 Best Deals
Quebec's Winter Carnival, tennis in Palm Springs, sea-kayaking tours in Baja, and more.

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