How Was Your Trip?

Café Tortoni is known as a gathering spot for Argentine intellectuals

The sisters were struck by how European Buenos Aires felt--"so sophisticated and chic"--but at the same time, how uniquely Argentine the people and culture were. It's not as if they were going to buy this pingüino pitcher in Paris or London.

Eye of the Tigre
"Our low-boat tour in Tigre was definitely a highlight. We got great views of the houses and restaurants tucked away throughout the channels."

Coffee, Culture
"Café Tortoni is known as a gathering spot for Argentine intellectuals. We went for café con leche on our last day. We were afraid it would be a tourist trap, but it was really charming."

Maté, Step by Step
"A nice waitress in Uruguay gave us a maté tutorial--how to fill the gourd and sip from the metal straw. We giggled like schoolgirls the whole time."

Fare at the Fair
"This stand at the Feria de Mataderos had foods from the northern part of the country. We bought a cornbread-type pastry--it was delicious!"

Glass Act
"An Argentine president used to live here. The glass enclosure gives it the feel of modern art--or a greenhouse with a cottage growing in it!"

Meat of the Matter
"A waiter in Uruguay helped us decipher the meat options by asking if we liked 'insides' or 'outsides.' We ordered this huge pot of 'outsides.'"

They Saw a Sign
"We're from Louisiana, and onda verde means 'green wave'--that's the nickname for Tulane!"

It Grows on You
"This flower sculpture in the United Nations park opens during the day and closes at night."

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