5 Great Travel Tips

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When we want travel tips, we look to the experts: our readers! Here are some of our favorite examples from recent issues of Budget Travel. Got a tip of your own? Send it to us at <a href="mailto:Tips@BudgetTravel.com">Tips@BudgetTravel.com</a>.

BUZZ OFF Before we travel in buggy or malarial areas, my husband and I treat all of our pants and shirts with Permethrin (available in a concentrate from travel-supply companies). We dilute it in a spray bottle, spritz it on the clothes, and let them dry. (Never spray it directly on your skin.) The treatment lasts through six washings. More than once, we remained bite-free at jungle locations while other guests were suffering. Marci Fuller, San Benito, Tex.

DRIER GOODS The next time you accidentally leave your cell phone in your pocket when you wash your pants or soak your iPod while you're jogging in the rain, don't open, start, or plug in the gadget. Instead, bury it in gel-type kitty litter for 24 hours. The litter will absorb all of the moisture and dry out the device. Barbara Dunn-Alfinito, Fishkill, N.Y.

GET CULTURED Traveling abroad often involves sampling unusual food, which can lead to stomach problems. Some types of yogurt have active live cultures that are believed to help digest food and prevent stomach infections. I eat some as soon as I arrive, and I've usually kept the demons at bay. Kevin McCalmon, Broomfield, Colo.

WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS After spending two weeks in Alaska—one week on land and one on a cruise—my husband and I had collected more souvenirs than we'd anticipated. Worried about overweight-luggage fees at the airport, we hauled our suitcases to the cruise ship's gym and weighed them on one of the scales. We kept rearranging the contents until each bag weighed less than 50 pounds (but barely!). Nancy Boehmer, Bridgeton, Mo.

HOMEWARD BOUND When you print driving directions from a website such as MapQuest, always print return directions, too. On our last trip, we assumed we could just reverse the directions for the ride home and found ourselves trying to go the wrong way on a one-way street. It took many extra (and aggravating) miles to make our way back. Diane Cavallaro, Westbury, N.Y.

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