Cat Cora

Cat Cora celebrates the debut of her new show with a special guest, Chef Mickey

As the first female American Iron Chef, and a frequent host on the Food Network, Cat Cora has become a world renowned chef.

With her new show Cooking With Cat Cora on Disney Travel on Demand, Celebrity Chef Cat Cora helps families shift their dining experiences from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Window or aisle?

The last thing I ate from a minibar?

I won't leave home without...
My coffee creamer

The best trip I've ever taken? And why?
Whether to a snowy or sunny destination, as long as my family is with me, we have a great time. We just returned from a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica, where we surfed and relaxed and ate lots of fantastic local food.

My dream trip?
Sightseeing around Asia. I participated in the Singapore Sun Festival in 2007 and plan on going back this year, and using it as a springboard for an extended vacation in Malaysia, China and the Philippines.

The movie or book that inspired me to pack my bags?
Out of Africa years ago.

My greatest travel pet peeve?
Middle seats on fully booked flights.

How I deal with jetlag?
I go for a jog to re-energize myself.

If I could travel with any living person...
My whole family.

I'll never go back to ___________. And why?
I havent found that place yet.

If I could be anywhere right now...
My home in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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