How Was Your Trip?


San Francisco is a history buff's dream. The Gold Rush City tour, in particular, was a hit with both brothers. "If we hadn't had a guide to point out the sights," says Ken, "we would have just walked right by."

Fallen Soldiers
Sid and Ken were struck by the seemingly never-ending rows of headstones at the San Francisco National Cemetery, on a hill in the Presidio. "Seeing this was important to me," says Ken. "I really wanted to pay my respects to the people who fought for our country."

Home Base
These brick buildings, built in the 1890s, once served as the barracks for the troops stationed at the Presidio. Both brothers were impressed by how well preserved the units are.

O Captain!
Sid and Ken explored one of the many historic ships at Fisherman's Wharf. "We went top to bottom on this one and even got to check out the living quarters," says Sid. "I think I've probably seen bigger coffins!"

Admiring the Arches
Ken works in construction, so he was very interested in studying the structures at Fort Point. "I was blown away by the architectural know-how they had back in the 1800s," he says.

Budget Travelers
Instead of going on a $35 boat tour, Sid and Ken took a ferry for half the price--and saw many of the same sights (just like the tip on page 14!).

The Past, Preserved
"I love the fact that Mission Dolores is still there," says Sid. "Too often old buildings are torn down to make room for something new, and part of our past is lost."

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