Table of Contents: July/August 2008


Italy: A Village Is Reborn
Ancient Italian villages are being turned into a new kind of hotel, where the rooms are spread out across town and you share the streets with residents. One of the best of these alberghi diffusi is Sextantio, in the Abruzzi mountains.
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Japan: The Konnichiwa Kid
Some boys are mad for soccer or skateboards. But writer Dorothy Kalins's son, Lincoln, has always been a sushi-rolling, Pokémon-watching kind of kid. At 13, he asked for Japanese language lessons. At 14, he spent two weeks at Japan camp in Minnesota. And at 15, he finally got to go to the country he'd always loved from afar.
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10 Spots with No Cars
Gas prices, traffic, kids screaming in the backseat.... It's enough to make you want to get out and walk. So why not do just that? At these 10 spots, there are no cars at all (unless you count a golf cart or two).

Five Hotels: New Paris B&Bs
Faced with too many visitors, the city of Paris asked its citizens to open their homes as B&Bs. It doesn't get more authentique than that.

How to Avoid Being Victimized While On Vacation
No one knows better than the police which tricks criminals are using to prey on unsuspecting tourists.

Road Trip: Montana
Northwest Montana has world-class hiking and rafting—not to mention huckleberry milkshakes that'll knock your boots off.
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40 Best Deals
From our July/August issue: Deals for Hawaii, Finland, New Zealand, and 37 other fascinating destinations worldwide.

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