How Was Your Trip?


"We All Want to Go Back"

There were cupcake pilgrimages and shopping excursions (the painted palm frond was Michelle's favorite buy), but the best part of the trip was the opportunity to bond. "Gabby burst into tears when Tracy left!" Michelle says.

Take a Load Off
Tracy, Michelle, and Gabby did so much walking during their trip that when Michelle asked Gabby what she liked about the carriage ride, Gabby said, "I liked resting!" She also enjoyed seeing all the South Carolina and U.S. flags hanging from the historic mansions.

Paris Je T'aime
"I could easily have spent all day in the Paris Market & Brocante," says Tracy. "They have every kind of treasure you can imagine." She bought a canvas bag and a few gifts for friends back in Washington.

Animal Magnetism
A big animal lover, Gabby stopped to admire every dog and cat she came upon during the trip—and that even included a lion statue in Savannah's Oglethorpe Square.

Pick Me Up
Walking all day long was tiring, Michelle says, but treats from Cupcake, in Charleston, gave the gals a much-needed energy boost.

Gator Aid
The three spent hours exploring Middleton Place plantation. At one point, Tracy walked up to what she thought was a bronze statue of an alligator, but Michelle warned her that it was real. "We joked for the rest of the trip that I saved her life," says Michelle. "Or at least her leg!"

Brunch Bunch
Both Michelle and Tracy had sweet-potato pancakes at Hominy Grill, in Charleston. "I'd never had them before," says Tracy, "but I loved how moist they were." Gabby played it safe and ordered the buttermilk pancakes.

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