Table of Contents: September 2008

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Scouting Report 2008
Our third-annual rundown of the best new places—as determined by people lucky enough to have exploration be part of their job description.
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Meet the Scouts

Italy: Welcome to the Residential Suite
In our last issue, we wrote about old Italian villages where guest rooms are spread out across town. Now we're spotlighting five hamlets that have been turned completely (or nearly so) into hotels.
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Seven Uncharted Isles
On these seven islands, you're guaranteed to get there before anyone you know.
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Before the Crowds: Asilah, Morocco
Asilah is one of Morocco's hidden gems—even though the town has prime placement on the Atlantic.

Security Watch: Political Disturbances While on Vacation
Being prepared is the best way to ensure your safety if a country implodes while you're on vacation.

Road Trip: 10 Coolest Small Towns
These towns all have fewer than 10,000 people—but they can rival larger cities when it comes to good food, culture, and quality of life.
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40 Best
From our September issue: Deals for California, Italy, Morocco, and 37 other fascinating destinations worldwide.

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