How Was Your Trip?

Soaked at the summit

"It Wasn't All Glossy and Touristy"
Bonnie and Jonathan have traveled a lot, so they're tough customers. But they were thrilled with their experience in the French West Indies. "We were so impressed with how genuine it felt," says Bonnie. "You don't feel like everything is a fake version of what was once authentic."

Earning their lunch
Bonnie and Jonathan took a pedal-boat tour just off Guadeloupe. "The guides prepared an amazing lunch on a tiny island," Jonathan says.

The birds
The lorikeets at Guadeloupe's botanical garden aren't shy. "If you have nectar, they're all over you!" says Bonnie.

Rooting around
The couple had fun checking out the exotic plants at the botanical garden, especially this massive banyan tree.

Going bananas
"We learned everything you could ever want to know about bananas at this plantation," says Jonathan. "At the end of the tour, we tried banana liqueur and banana juice."

If you like piña colada
A rainy day didn't keep the two from having fun. "We just went to a local supermarket and explored," says Bonnie. They couldn't help noticing this Costco-size bottle of rum. "But I swear we didn't end up buying it!"

Soaked at the summit
The climb to the top of Soufrière volcano wasn't exactly easy—at times they climbed up boulders—but once they got to the top, the couple agreed it was worth the effort. "It was so windy and misty up there, and it smelled like sulfur," says Jonathan, "but it was also just really amazing."

The couple waded out in shallow water one day and came across this starfish. "We both held it, and it felt so funny," says Bonnie. "There are suction cups on the bottom, and we could totally feel them moving around on our hands."

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