Table of Contents: October 2008


25 Reasons We Love New Orleans
You thought a hurricane or two could keep this city down? You thought a hurricane or two could keep this city down?
Google map: New Orleans

Biking from Salzburg to Prague
Come hills or high water, Lisa Schwarzbaum and an old college buddy were determined to bike from Salzburg to Prague—with nothing but a GPS device to guide them.
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Global GPS Guide

The Secrets to Happy House-Swapping
What would possess Joanna Goddard to open her home to people she doesn't even know? The opportunity to stay in theirs! Welcome to the wild world of house swapping.
Where to Shop for a Swap
Tips From Savvy Swappers

Call in Sick: Bend, Oregon
Oregon isn't all remote mountains and rustic cabins. In Bend, Portland's quirky-chic cousin, you can live the high life and get back to nature.

Extra Mile Awards 2008
Our annual look at companies going out of their way to make travel easier and more affordable during an especially trying time for trip-goers.

Road Trip: New Hampshire
Years ago, a father and son spent two summers by the lake in New Hampshire. Now they're back for the fall foliage and a near-vertical train ride that turns their views of the state on end.
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40 Best
From our October issue: Deals for Orlando, Tuscany, Costa Rica, and 37 other fascinating destinations worldwide.

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