How Was Your Trip?


"We Were a World Away"
The U.S. and New Zealand share a language, but Robert and Barbara found that, in many ways, the similarities stop there. "All of the pressure and the politics in the U.S.—we just didn't feel that there," says Robert. "It was refreshing!"

Meats on wheels
The BBQ Bus tour made a stop for kebabs and sausages and then went on to Milford Sound, where Barbara and Robert took a short cruise.

Fit family
The Page family hiked to a park outside of Christchurch. "It was kind of a trek, so we stopped at the lodge up top for drinks and cookies," says Robert.

Hut sweet hut
At a penguin sanctuary on the Otago Peninsula, the Pages watched as the birds waddled back to wooden huts at the end of the day.

Lure lore
Nina gave her dad a jade necklace for his birthday. "It's supposed to keep me safe on the water," Robert says.

View to a thrill
The Pages were struck by New Zealand's stunning views, like the one overlooking Tunnel Beach. "The country is just ridiculously beautiful," Robert says.

Nina's good friend Addie braved a 720-foot-long zip line. "Robert and I passed," says Barbara.

Teach a man to fish
Robert caught several snapper on a fishing-boat tour. "The captain told me about a shop that would fry them up for us," he says. "We ate fish-and-chips and drank a couple of big beers."

The Pages bought some wine at a winery near Queenstown. Later, they drank it on the balcony of the chalet where they stayed.

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