How Was Your Trip?

Love at first site

"We Got Invited to a Wedding!"
When Susie and Matt checked in to their hotel in Páros, the clerk told them the pool would be closed the next day for a wedding reception. "We asked if we could watch, and the clerk said, 'Of course—you're invited,'" Matt says. "The groomsmen brought us drinks all night!"

Love at first site
The view from the Acropolis is almost as striking as the place itself. "It's just fascinating to be able to walk among such ancient ruins," says Matt.

In the clear
Susie and Matt were moved by the beaches. "The water is so clear that you can see all the way down to the bottom," says Susie.

Island stroll
The couple took a boat from Páros to Antiparos. "A lot of people go there to see the caves and go off-roading, but we chose to just relax and get a drink," Susie says. "It's such a cute little quiet town."

Stair master
There are 588 steps from Santorini's old port to the town of Fira, at the top of the island. Feeling a little lazy? Hop on one of the donkeys!

Man of mystery
This statue is in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. "No one knows if it's Poseidon or Zeus," Matt explains.

Sunset on Santorini
"We watched this scene from the restaurant at Fanari Villas, on Santorini," Susie says. "Amazingly, there were just two other couples there with us."

Look up!
Susie and Matt were both struck by the sheer size of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Feta fan
One of the best meals was at a Mykonos café with balconies over the water. "This is where I fully realized my love for feta," Matt says. Afterward, he declared that he had to eat feta every day for the rest of the trip.

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