Deal or No Deal


Is that supercheap travel promotion too good to be true?

BoltBus: $1 one-way tickets
Reality check: There are very few seats at this price on each bus, so you have to book weeks in advance. But it's worth the hassle—plus, you get Wi-Fi and added legroom.

Spirit Airlines: $9 one-way flights
Reality check: You must join the $9 Fare Club, which costs $40 per year. Even then, finding the fare is hard unless you're flying to or from a Spirit gateway like Fort Lauderdale.
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EasyCruise: $50 per night cruises
Reality check: The cabins at this rate are tiny—65 square feet—and windowless. Port and fuel charges are also extra; expect to shell out $100 more for a three-night cruise.

Enterprise: $10 per day car rentals
Reality check: Pickups are at non-airport locations, and the rental has to include a Friday to Monday. The $10 rate is also mostly restricted to small cities. Still, the deal is very easy to get where it's available.

The Hoxton hotel: £1 rooms
Reality check: The London hotel's rooms normally cost up to $300 a night. The downside? Availability. The cheap rooms are usually snapped up the day each sale starts.
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