You've Got Mail

John-Michael May

Turn your vacation pics into postcards with a little help from Hazel.

Step 1 Go to—a new website named after founder Michael Lato's mother—and upload one of your digital photos as a JPEG or PNG file. It can be a horizontal or vertical shot, but make sure it's smaller than three megabytes. Select "Stretch" if you want to fill the space with your image, but be aware that the effect can be very unflattering.

Step 2 Dash off your message on the back of the photo. (If you're out of practice writing postcards in the computer age, there's always the standby "Wish you were here!") To send the card to more than one person, click "Add Recipient"; you can jot a new note if you'd like.

Step 3 Pay by credit card; each postcard costs $1.50 to create and mail anywhere in the world (postage included). Your dispatch should arrive in a week—not exactly e-mail speed, but Hazel Mail looks so much better tacked to a fridge.

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