How Was Your Trip?


"It Was the Best Meal!"
After a fantastic fish dinner at Restaurante Flores, the waiter brought out a dessert with "Happy Birthday, Miss Jennifer" written on the plate. Says Jennifer, "Donna had tipped them off but had no idea what they'd deliver."

Something to behold
"Nothing can prepare you for the brilliant blue of the sky in Portugal," Jennifer says. "And the tiles are gorgeous." The pattern in a plaza in the seaside town Cascais mimics ocean waves.

Castle in the sky
The Moorish ruins in Sintra are on a hill, so you can see for miles. "It's easy to understand why they built a castle there," Jennifer says. "No one could ever sneak up on you!"

This is living
Both women loved Quinta da Regaleira palace in Sintra. "The balconies overlook beautiful gardens with waterfalls, a well, and a grotto," says Donna.

Tile fever
To remember all the tiled rooms, Jennifer got a Lisbon scene for her souvenir wall.

Storm sanctuary
Jennifer and Donna found Santo António Church, in the town of Estoril, by accident. "The sky was darkening, so we ducked in for shelter," says Donna. "It was so quiet and peaceful—it wasn't on the grand scale of some of the other churches we'd seen, but that's exactly what we liked about it."

A local's Lisbon
"I was so glad we hired a guide," says Jennifer. "The city is built on hills, and the streets wind, so it's easy to get lost. We hit big sights, like the National Pantheon (at left), and places we wouldn't have found on our own, including a café inside a theater school. We watched clowns juggling while we ate our soup and salad."

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