Not So Uniform

Courtesy Agnès B.
The uniform at Château de Versailles

There's a reason you're coveting your bellhop's getup. Designers have been giving the service industry a wardrobe upgrade.

1. NYLO The trendy U.S. hotel chain turned to Project Runway alum Daniel Vosovic to spiff up its staff with 20 mix-and-match pieces, from mod mini jumpers to polo shirts with zippered necklines.

2. Château de Versailles French fashion icon Agnès B. treated the guides and guards at Versailles to a historical makeover. Out went the old-school navy suits; in came 18th-century-inspired ensembles, including three-cornered hats for the gentlemen.

3. Northwest Airlines The friendly skies are decidedly more stylish, courtesy of runway veteran Richard Tyler. The designer bumped the cabin crew's boxy sweaters and polyester blazers in favor of chic pencil skirts and cherry-red wrap dresses.

4. BabyCakes NYC Denim darling Earnest Sewn came up with a pretty sweet outfit for the servers and pastry chefs at this boutique vegan bakery in L.A. and NYC: striped baby-blue shifts with aprons.

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