Table of Contents: September 2009


The Good Fork
On a narrow strip of land at the tip of New York's Long Island, tiny wineries are working to rival their famous peers around the globe—and stay mellow in the process.
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The Budget Travel Challenge: Last-Minute Long-Haul
For our latest Budget Travel Challenge, we pitted two travelers against each other in a competition to have the most far-flung adventures possible on seven days' notice—for $1,200.

World's Best Flea Markets
Sure, you can learn a lot about a destination by touring its museums and visiting its landmarks. But to experience the true heart of a place, spend a few hours at one of its flea markets. We picked the world's top 25.
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Hobnob With the Masters for $1.50
Europe has long been the world's art capital. Now it's outdone itself.

Welcome to Shoulder Season
The tourist hordes have left (or haven't yet arrived), prices have dropped, and the weather's just delightful. Here's your worldwide guide to that overlooked moment between the high and low seasons.

Road Trip: True West in Wyoming
With some of America's most majestic landscapes and wildlife, Wyoming stays faithful to its Old West heritage.
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Real Deals
Over $4,900 in savings—exclusively for you!

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