10 dirtiest hotels in the U.S.

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We'd like to give a shout-out to an entertaining feature on TripAdvisor—their list of the filthiest hotels in the land.

Here are some choice excerpts from user reviews of the top three yuckiest properties:

#3, Desert Inn Resort, Daytona Beach, Florida

"its moldy the beds (sic) need to be thrown away and replaced some fresh paint and sprayed for bed begs . The diner downstairs is pretty good however."

Sorry, lost my appetite. P.S. Interesting use of proper capitalization and punctuation only for the positive aspects of your review, sir.

#2, Jack London Inn, Oakland, California

"Numerous shady characters live in the hotel, drug dealers on the streets in front of the hotel, and the fourth floor is reserved for hookers."

Well, at least their reservation scheme is organized.

#1, Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

"...I called back to the front desk, and the lady tried to say that they were water bugs, stating, 'You are on the river, you know.' I told her that I knew the difference between a roach and a water bug...."

You know things have taken a turn for the dire when you're debating the biological taxonomy of your room's fauna with the front desk.

So... do you have an egregious hotel story to share? Let us know below!

—William Bailey


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