The 10 Most Annoying Hotel Guests

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Our friends at did us all a great service by compiling hotel guests’ thoughts on breaches of etiquette, publishing the 10 worst types of rude behavior. “While etiquette violations differ, they tend to come down to the same behavior; whether or not guests respect the strangers in proximity to them,” noted Expedia Vice President John Morrey.

Whether you’re one of the 26 percent of travelers who’ve admitted to taking hotel toiletries home with them, the 9 percent who’ve snuck friends into their room for the night, or the 8 percent who’ve actually stolen items from a hotel room, we hope you don’t recognize yourself on the following list of “hotel guests from hell,” ranked in order of heinousness:

1. The inattentive parent

2. The hallway hellraiser

3. The complainer

4. The in-room reveler

5. The bickerer

6. The poolside partyer

7. The “loudly amorous” (we’ll let you figure that one out)

8. The hot tub canoodler

9. The business bar boozer

10. The elevator chatterbox

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