Flat-out Brilliant


The latest toiletry kits are marvelously low-profile—about half as thick as the classic Dopp. We singled out four that take the squeeze out of packing.

Our pick for the best new bag on the scene is Case Logic's XN Urban Toiletry Kit (caselogic.com, $35). Here's why:

• The sturdy leather handle doubles as a hanging device—no attachments, no fumbling.

• Filled and folded, it's no larger than a hardcover book.

• Unfolded, the whole thing is less than an inch and a half thick.

• Seven compartments, several of them see-through, corral everything from razors to saline solution.

• Three separate waterproof pockets limit the damage that one leaky shampoo bottle can do.

No-frills function!
Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby A simple clamshell shape, with eight well-proportioned pockets and a mounted three-inch mirror, gathers everything you need for getting ready on the go (eaglecreek.com, $35).

The Cadillac!
eBags Pack-It-Flat Consider this nylon number fully loaded: The 15-inch kit comes with five reusable plastic bottles, and in a pinch you can unzip and expand it by an extra inch (ebags.com, $35).

Eye candy!
Sonore de Toot Travel Kit A transparent, removable pouch, sized right for TSA inspections, makes this laminated-canvas style a pretty and practical choice for those committed to carry-ons (sonore-de-toot.com, $33).

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