Upgrade Your Hotel Search

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Questionable reviews, too-good-to-be-true photographs, and countless other online-booking obstacles can trip up even the savviest traveler. Three new hotel comparison sites are here to help.

Common problem: How can you trust that random user-generated review?
Solved! In addition to pulling rankings from TripAdvisor and real-time pricing and availability from 25-plus sources (including Orbitz, Priceline, and hotels.com), this site highlights properties reviewed by your Facebook friends, providing valuable context for the critiques.

Common problem: It's often hard to tell exactly where your hotel is situated.
Solved! This location-driven search engine delivers results from its 100,000-strong hotel database in map form—not a list—so you can target the specific area you want to call home base. A map pin marks each option, and pins you've viewed change colors to track where you've clicked.

Common problem: The hotel doesn't look anything like its promotional photos.
Solved! Watch videos of over 4,000 properties worldwide for true-to-life images of rooms, suites, bathrooms, lobbies, and even outdoor street scenes. All the footage is shot by independent, unbiased professionals hired by the website, not the hotels.

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