Table of Contents: April 2010


Mexico City Unmasked
Steering your way to the heart of a city of nearly 10 million isn't easy. These 20 insider tips demystify the metropolis, from its homegrown design scene to its best cheap eats.
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Happy Campers
In an era when the family dinner is hard enough to schedule, family camp—weeklong programs open to all ages—has real appeal. We visited one in New Hampshire and asked campers to tell us why it floats their boats.
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The Swellest Little Town in Costa Rica
Despite the country's boom in tourism, the coastal town of Sámara somehow has remained blissfully under the radar. And for newbie surfers, it's the perfect place to catch a break.

Timeless Adventure
The view of Africa's Victoria Falls will stop your heart. The activities on offer will get it beating again.

Road Trip: A Low-Key Drive
Island-hopping in the Florida Keys, where the fish is fresh, the pies are tart, and each character is more eccentric than the next.

Real Deals
Exclusive discounts for Budget Travel readers.

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