Zoo Babies: Where Are They Now?

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We caught up with some of the little ones featured in 2009 to see how they've grown.


Miles the Giraffe
At 16 months, Miles is already nine feet tall and 670 pounds—and still growing! He's just beginning to shed his baby coat, and it looks like his adult fur is going to be dark, like his dad Kiva's. When he's not snacking on favorites like romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, and carrots, Miles likes to hang out with his brothers, Hasani and Jack, and sister, Neema.

Photos: Then and Now

Kelyfamata the Coquerel's Sifaka
Kelyfamata is a big brother! His mom, Zenobia, gave birth to baby brother Sebastian earlier this year. While mother and baby are bonding, Kelyfamata, now just over six pounds, has been spending lots of time with his dad, Dean. When Dad is game, the two wrestle playfully, but Kelyfamata doesn't mind having to entertain himself, either. He'll play with anything that moves—including his own tail, which he loves to "attack." The only thing Kelyfamata likes more than playing is eating. He emjoys new leaves from sweet gum, rose, or natal plum plants, and eats peas slowly so he can savor them as long as possible.

Photos: Then and Now


Blue-Blue the Penguin
The recent birth of two teeny penguins means Blue-Blue is no longer the colony baby. The 1.5-year-old is bulking up to molt, and when he gets his adult feathers, he'll find his place among the grown-ups. In the meantime, Blue-Blue is developing into quite the artist. He and 14 other penguins create paintings by walking across canvases with nontoxic paint on their feet. Proceeds from the sale of the paintings go toward African Penguin research and conservation efforts at the aquarium and in South Africa.

Photos: Then and Now


Hasani the Gorilla
A crucial part of a gorilla's first year is becoming integrated with the troop, and Hasani has managed to fit in seamlessly. He spends a lot of his time playing with Nneka, the daughter of his surrogate mother, Bawang. His constant activity has made him quite the star—zoo visitors love to watch him tumbling around the exhibit, climbing trees, and beating his chest.

Photos: Then and Now


Xi Lan the Panda
Weaned from his mother in early 2010, Xi Lan is now an independent panda and couldn't be doing better. He weighs just under 100 pounds and has grown into a busy, fearless, active young panda. He'll celebrate his 2nd birthday on August 30.

Photos: Then and Now

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