Enter Budget Travel's Summer Spots Contest!


Winners will receive $500 toward their next summer vacation and be featured in a spring 2011 issue of Budget Travel.

Every family has summer vacation traditions, and we want to hear about yours!

How the Summer Spots contest works:
Step 1) Take your annual summer vacation between now and September 7.

Step 2) Share photos, stories, and even videos of your family's adventure.

Step 3) Win big! If you're selected, BT will kick in $500 toward your next summer vacation and feature you in a spring 2011 issue.

Stories, photos, and videos should be e-mailed to summerspots@budgettravel.com by September 7, 2010. Winners will be announced in early 2011.

How to hedge your bets!
There's no formula for great summer vacations, but the BT editors judging the contest will look for a few key points:

1) What makes your annual summer vacation completely unique?

2) What members of your family come along each year? Is it a multigenerational affair?

3) How do you and your family decide on a destination? Is it somewhere you have been going for years, or do you pick a new one each summer?

A few things to remember before you submit...
• Write your story like you would tell it at a party—keep it brief and lively, and be aware that all submissions become our property, intellectual and otherwise. (That includes photos.)

• Please send your story in the body of your e-mail—not as an attachment.

• Try to include a phone number for any establishment you mention. If we can't verify the place exists, we won't be able to print your story.

• Send pictures—but try not to go crazy. Send only the best one(s). If you take digital pictures, shoot them at the highest resolution. Please send the original file from your camera, without cropping, color correcting, contrasting, etc.; the preferred format is JPG/JPEG (we will accept TIFF and EPS files). If you have prints or slides, please note that we will not be returning them (so you might consider reproducing your originals). If you need to send a scan, the image needs to be at least 5" x 7" at 300 dpi.

• Please send your photo as an attachment—not embedded in the body of your e-mail.

• And we need to be able to get in touch with you, if need be, so include your daytime phone number and home address.

• If you or a relative of yours works at Budget Travel, you're ineligible. And speaking of Budget Travel, if you win, you and your travel companions are going to have to sign an affidavit of eligibility and release—sorry, but Budget Travel is the sponsor of this contest and we say that you have to do it if you want the prize.

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