Marcia Pierce

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In the past, everytime I traveled I seemed to leave something behind in the hotel room. On my my next stop I would always have to spend time looking for a replacement for the missing item. Not a fun way to enjoy traveling. I learned to make a list and bring along copies for each new location on my travel plan. I tape the list to the back of the hotel-room door upon arrival, and then I check it off before departing for the next city. It is an easy process and has really made my trips more enjoyable. I described it below.

Make a list and check it twice

Of all the items you packed for your trip

Make a copy for each change of location on your travel plan

Tape a copy of your list to the inside door of the hotel room

Before leaving the room for the final time

Check the items off your list

Arrive at your next location with everything you brought with you

No missing medications, baby binkie, or computer

Your next stop on your itinerary will have all the items you need for a fun stay

Repeat the process all along the way

You will return home with all of your items

And memories of a stress-free trip

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