10 Tips to a Sexy Hotel Room


Our man Bud Travel shows you how to turn up the heat in any hotel. Watch the slide show!

Cross pack Put something in your luggage you'd like to see the other person in, and vice versa. But be smart and stow it a few layers deep in your luggage—in the event your bag catches the eye of the TSA.

Write on Hide little love notes throughout the hotel room (under a pillow, in a washcloth, by the phone, inside luggage...).

Take the fridge back They act like the fridge is theirs! Unstock the overpriced stuff and fill the fridge with white wine, strawberries, and other fruit for an impromptu picnic. Bonus: Bring a romantic comedy and your laptop, too.

Never too late for love Request a late checkout when you call to confirm your reservation. The hotel is more likely to be accommodating if it's dealing with a guest who hasn't confirmed full payment yet.

Get fresh with me Bring a simple vase or two, like a Crate and Barrel earthenware Yoko Vase, and ask the front desk who you can call to order fresh flowers. crateandbarrel.com, $13.

Pack light (literally) Hotel lighting can age you ten years. Bring a few lightbulbs that emit a softer, gentler glow than your hotel's typical fare and then swap out the bulbs when you arrive.

Set the mood with music Consider packing a portable stereo system that comes with a remote control—handy for access while in bed—such as the iHome iP49. amazon.com, $190.

Transform the bathroom Vow to keep the lights off, and use a few small candles instead. Then banish the cookie-cutter soaps and gels, and stock the bathroom with better brands. Malin & Goetz has high quality products in carry-on size. malinandgoetz.com, variety pack $30.

Smooth operator Pack matching silk or satin robes—they're compact and won't take up too much space in your luggage. Plus, they look and feel nicer than the one you bought ten years ago (or the scratchy ones offered by your hotel). amazon.com, from $30.

Power off This is no time for a text from your airline (or a call from your mother). Power down your cell and unplug the hotel-room phone.

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