3 New Websites Help Organize Facebook Travel Photos

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Sorry, Facebook: You're just not good enough at helping users organize and show off their photos, especially their travel photos.

Sure, Facebook, people upload 250 million pictures to you every day on average. You're far and away the most popular place on the Internet for storing and sharing photos. But that huge mass of photos is part of the problem. It makes for too many images to sort through.

One pet peeve: Why oh why, Facebook, do you organize photos by album? To track down a photo, users have to click through lots of albums, or else scroll down the full "photos and videos of you" section, ordered by year. You really need to come up with smarter and more flexible ways to sort through photos.

Luckily, there are some free tools out there to help people find, organize, and show off their favorite travel shots—plus the photos of one's friends and family.


Problem it solves: Finding and organizing all of your photos when they're scattered across all the services you use (Facebook, Shutterfly, Flickr, Instagram, etc.).

Biggest perk: Not only can you pull all of your photos into one place, you can easily create new sets, and see and comment on your friends' and family members' photos.

Details: Use your e-mail address to create a free account, and then give Pictarine permission to pull photos from up to 15 social services you may belong to. The site orders your images in timelines (with your relevant photos from, say, Facebook and Flickr intermingled properly, lets you quickly download your favorite photos as backups on your hard drive, and allows you to share slide shows (called playlists) with friends.


Problem it solves: Seeing travel photos shot by you and your friends in a pretty format, like a travel magazine that only features photos and travel tips from your friends and family members.

Biggest perk: No commitment. You can get full use of the service almost instantly.

Details: Jetpac collects, for your eyes only, the public travel photos and locations that you and your friends have shared on Facebook and displays them on the iPad in a stunning way. Beyond photo viewing, Jetpac's other features include a summary service that estimates how many countries your friends have visited and other interesting facts.


Problem it solves: Photos your friends upload on Facebook can get lost in the shuffle

Biggest perk: It requires no commitment, no sign-up, and it works quickly and seamlessly with your existing Facebook account.

Details: Pixable aims to become your "photo inbox." Just as you check your email for written messages and check your Facebook "top stories" feed for quick updates, Pixable hopes to become the site you check to see photos from people you like.

The site pulls the photos of people you follow on Facebook onto a separate page in a Pinterest-style format. The format allows you to easily comment on the photos, with your comments and likes showing up on your friends' Facebook pages. But the advantage of using Pixable is that photos you may have missed because they didn't appear in "top news" or you missed your news feed for a few days are all collected here. Pixable also works for following shots from friends and contacts who use Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and other services.


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