3 ways to save on car rentals this summer

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If you can hit the road soon, rental rates start for as little as $1 a day.

$1 a day rentals in the East

The final weeks of a $1-a-day deal from Thrifty are upon us. But if you can travel in the near future, there's never been a cheaper time to make a one-way East Coast road trip. Through June 24 only, mid-size rentals cost $1 a day for vehicles picked up in one of eight Florida airports or Mobile, Alabama, and dropped off in seven days or under at a choice of 13 airports in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast. Yes, cars are available at this rate. A car picked up in Jacksonville and dropped off six days later in Hartford, for instance, would run a base rate of cost (yep) $6. With taxes and fees, the total we priced out came to just under $30. That's normally a pretty great price for a one-day rental.

No fee for young renters

Now through September 30, a Hertz promotion waives the usual fee charged for renters ages 20 through 24. Many rental locations usually charge up to $25 extra per day for drivers under the age of 25, but by using the booking code 144314, that fee will be waived by Hertz. Bear in mind that Hertz is known for good service as well as higher-than-average rental rates, so in certain situations other rental agencies may wind up costing less, even if a young renter fee is assessed.

An easy $5 to $25 off rentals

An Avis promotion allows customers to knock $5 to $20 off weekend rentals in the coming weeks. Renters save $5 on a one-day rental (use code MUWA160 when booking), $10 on a two-day rental (MUWA157), $15 on a three-day rental (MUWA158), or $20 on a four-day rental (MUWA159). The promotion is valid for cars in the mid-size and up range, for rentals begun by June 30. Meanwhile, an Alamo promotion will save you $15 on a three-day weekend rental or $25 on a weekly rental, now through August 27.


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