5 Hot New Beijing Attractions

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The Chinese capital unveils some hip new landmarks.

In Beijing, the new National Stadium, or "bird's nest," has been getting a lion's share of attention. (To see why, check out the photos of the stadium in our accompanying slide show.)

Here are five more new landmarks worth checking out.

1. China Central Television's (CCTV's) headquarters, which has been redesigned as a twisted steel archway. See a photo of it, right.

2.National Aquatics Center, a luminescent, ice cube-like building that's covered in bubbles. (See an image of it in our slide show.)

3. Legation Quarter, a new cultural complex in the old embassy district. (See its website.)

4. National Grand Theater, which looks like a titanium Easter egg. (See images of it in our slide show.)

5. Linked Hybrid, eight residential towers linked by hovering pedestrian bridges. The complex will house cafés, bars, and a pool.

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