5 Reader Tips to Help Beat the Heat

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Our readers offer tips on how to keep cool this summer

If you happen to live in or be visiting one of the dozens of states experiencing record–breaking heat this month, you might be asking yourself a few questions right about now. Will I ever stop sweating? Did I really just get a sunburn in under five minutes? How many Slurpees is too many? And, most importantly, what can I do to stay cool!?

Our readers always have the best travel advice. Here are five of their favorite tips for beating the summer heat:

•Now that airlines serve either snack boxes or no food at all, we often pack sandwiches. I also like to freeze a bunch of grapes and place them in a freezer bag. They’ll keep your lunch or dinner cold, and you’ll have a cool snack when they defrost.

—Patricia Spillane, Warwick, R.I.

•I always take a tube of natural–beeswax–based lip balm (SPF 15+) with me when I travel. It's almost like carrying a mini first–aid kit. It serves as a lip balm, of course, but also as an emergency sunscreen for my nose, a moisturizer around my eyes, and a blister preventer for my hands and feet.

—Jay Hammond, Gilbert, Ariz.

•As a diabetic who loves to travel, I've learned how to keep my insulin cool: Carry a reusable ice pack, which also chills sandwiches, snacks, and beverages while sightseeing. Refreeze the pack in the hotel's mini fridge overnight to use the next day.

—Henry Heitmann, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.

•If you're planning a vacation and want to bring cold drinks to the beach with you, use a six–pack cooler as a toiletry bag. When you get to your destination and unload your toiletries in the bathroom, the bag can be used as a cooler for the rest of the trip.

—Kelly Sortino, San Francisco, Calif.

•The last time we went to Disney World, we had two 24–count cases of bottled water delivered to the hotel's front desk before we arrived. Instead of shelling out $2 or $3 per bottle in the parks, we paid a total of $12 for both cases. You can order them from chain stores such as Staples.

—Patricia Spillane, Warwick, R.I.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any cool new ways to beat the heat this summer vacation?


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