All-Inclusive Vacations: The 7 Essential Questions Every Traveler Must Ask

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Squeeze the most savings out of your all-inclusive vacation!

"All-inclusive" does not always mean that one price covers your hotel, meals, taxes, tips, activities, and alcohol. Here, the easy questions that will help ensure that your vacation package delivers everything you've dreamed of.

The phrase "all–inclusive" is so enticing. You immediately picture yourself at a cushy resort, lounging by a pool or dreamy beach, frosty cocktail in hand, never once reaching for your wallet. But while that dream scenario is within reach, you've got to take a few steps to make sure it all goes down the way you want it to. 

Be sure to read the "fine print" before you book, especially when you're considering package deals. All–inclusives can be a bargain and a great stress–reliever (no foreign currency to worry about, no tips to calculate), but before you book make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

In addition to finding out what the rate is for your all-inclusive vacation package, here are the seven essential questions every traveler must ask:

1) How many meals are included?

2) What times are meals served?

3) What are your meal choices? (If there are sit–down restaurants, you might want to ask if reservations are accepted and how far in advance folks need to reserve to ensure a seat.)

4) Are tips included?

5) Is alcohol included?

6) Which activities, if any, are included in the cost? Which activities are available for an additional fee?

7) What kind of entertainment is there in the evening?

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