7 Tips for Facing Bad Fall Weather

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Hopefully the sky won't look like this on your next vacation

It’s time to face a sad but true fact: Summer’s over! Hurricane season is in full swing, temperatures are dropping, and we’re desperate for some great bad weather tips. So where better to look than our most trusted tip advisers: our readers!

Here are seven of your favorite ways to handle autumn’s cold, wind, and rain:

•Even if you don't wear shower caps while bathing, it's a good idea to save the disposable ones that come free in your hotel room. They're great for covering your camera during rain showers.—Joseph Chan, Davis, Calif.

•When carrying around my small umbrella, I put it in a Ziploc bag. After using it, I can put the umbrella back in the Ziploc and into my shoulder bag without getting everything else wet.—Sandy Sussman, Princeton, N.J.

•Ever wonder what to do with a soaking wet umbrella when you're shopping or going to the theater? Slide it into one of those clear plastic bags that your newspaper is delivered in. I keep a stash of the bags in my purse for precisely this purpose.—Jerilyn Zust, Lakewood, Ohio

•Safety pins are perfect for keeping a tear from being obvious, holding a broken zipper shut, or fastening a scarf in high wind. I attach them to the underside of suit–jacket lapels, and that way I can access them anytime. (It's a good idea to wait until after you arrive, so you don't get stuck in airport security.)—Michael McCaffery, Marshfield, Wis.

•My girlfriend and I went to Jamaica during hurricane season, figuring the cheap tickets would be worth the risk. Sure enough, a hurricane hit. Luckily, our resort had a generator, which supplied power throughout the storm, so we still had a wonderful vacation. Now when we plan a trip to a hurricane–prone area, we always ask the hotel if there's a generator on the premises.—Christopher Schubert, Staten Island, N.Y.

•I thought Keen all–terrain shoes were a little funny–looking, what with the rubber strip extending over the toe, but I wanted a shoe with lots of ventilation for a recent trip to Europe. There was nothing funny about them when we were tromping through Rome in a thunderstorm and I was the only one with dry feet. I couldn't have been happier, and everyone on the trip was envious.—Kathy Reilly, Sacramento, Calif.

•I went camping recently, and the weather was unexpectedly freezing. To stay warm at night, my friends and I placed rocks around the campfire for a few hours, and when it was time for bed, we wrapped the hot rocks in towels and each put one at the bottom of our sleeping bags. The rocks kept us toasty warm until the next morning!—Lea Bishop, San Diego, Calif.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Share your favorite bad weather tips in the comments below!


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