7 Ways to Get LOST on Oahu


Calling all Lost fans: Everyone's favorite show about island castaways has entered its final season. Here's how to get an up-close look at the set locations and the actors' favorite hangouts.

The actors who play castaways on the hit TV series Lost are spotted all the time at Thirtynine Hotel, a Chinatown nightclub (39 N. Hotel St., thirtyninehotel.com), and at the Kahala Mall Shopping Center, (kahalamallcenter.com). Stop in for a bite at The Counter, part of a gourmet burger chain, where you might catch a glimpse of co-owner Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin (Kahala Mall, thecounterburger.com/Honolulu, burgers from $8).

Remember the Lost characters stumbling out of scattered airplane wreckage? That scene was taped at Mokuleia Beach Park, a remote oceanfront strip on Oahu's northeast side. It's worlds away from Honolulu but less than an hour by car. Reach it via Farrington Highway.

On your drive to Mokuleia Beach Park, stop at Camp Erdman, a YMCA campground where the show filmed the Others for several episodes (YMCA, 69-385 Farrington Hwy., 808/637-4615).

A working cattle ranch on Oahu's rural northeastern side, Kualoa Ranch is about an hour from downtown Honolulu. It sits on 4,000 acres of the greenest, most scenic country of Oahu. During Lost's first season, this area is where lovable SoCal dude Hurley sets up a golf game, not long after the crash on the island. "All I'm sayin' is if we're stuck here, then just surviving is not going to cut it," he tells Jack, Michael, and Charlie. "We need some kind of relief, you know." Kualoa Ranch runs two-hour horseback rides that pass through Ka'a'awa Valley, cradled by cliffs. The spot has also acted as a backdrop for 50 First Dates, Pearl Harbor, and other movies. The top draw? A one-hour, narrated Movie and Ranch Tour (49-560 Kamehameha Highway, kualoa.com, horseback rides $93, movie tour $21).

In a forested area on a marked trail straight west of Turtle Bay Resort, a magnificent banyan tree marks the spot where a polar bear trapped young Walt, and the strange Other interloper Ethan strung up doomed rocker Charlie. It's near the northernmost part of Oahu, 45 miles from Honolulu (57-091 Kamehameha Hwy., Kahuku).

During the second season, Bernard and Rose meet cute when he helps free her car from a snow drift and she invites him to warm up indoors. The interior shots happened at Murphy's Bar & Grill in downtown Honolulu. Snow for the exterior shots was simulated by dumping truckloads of shaved ice on the streets. The pub was also the setting for a pivotal interior scene between Locke and his father, Anthony Cooper, during season two. After mooching a kidney off his hapless son, dear old dad now cons Locke into helping him retrieve some stolen money (2 Merchant St., entrées from $9.50).

After filming at Makapuu, a ragged, rocky promontory, Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, described the taping location to a reporter as "beautiful, majestic scenery." You'll recognize the surroundings from the scene in which the Others torture Sawyer and lead him to believe they've implanted a fatal device in him. The Others show him a dead rabbit to prove the gizmo's power. Take Kalanianaole Highway to the parking lot where the paved Makapuu Point Trail begins. The moderate two-mile round-trip walk ends at the Makapuu Lighthouse. Past the half-mile mark, check out the dry, rocky area where Ben shows Sawyer the rabbit, still alive, and reveals that they've been taken to another island, leaving little hope of escape.

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