8 Airline Passengers You Don't Want to Sit Near

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Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! As frequent fliers, the Budget Travel editors are always sharing our worst (and best) airline horror stories.

While we’re not into shaming travel transgressors on social media (that’s just bullying), we are not above poking fun at the inexplicable, often oblivious choices some of our fellow fliers make. And our friends at Expedia are totally on our wavelength, having just conducted a survey to determine who are the “most aggravating co-passengers.” You’ll recognize most of the characters listed below, but we’re also happy to learn that 75 percent of survey respondents reported that “for the most part,” their fellow passengers are considerate.

Here, the top eight most irritating co-passengers. Do you agree?

1. The Rear Seat Kicker

2. The Inattentive Parent

3. The “Aromatic” Passenger

4. The Boozer

5. The Chatty Cathy

6. The Amorous

7. The Undresser

8. The Mad Bladder

TALK TO US! We want to know: What are your least favorite airplane seat mates?

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