8 Tips For Documenting Your Travels With Vine

Vine image for video tips blog postVine image for video tips blog post
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Follow these great tips and share your vacation memories with the world using Vine.

By now, we all know about the addictive photo-based app Instagram, and it was only a matter of time until smartphone users would get the opportunity to make our photo feeds move. Vine, a new free Twitter-backed iPhone app, has been described as "the Instagram of amateur videomaking," with a user-friendly interface to seamlessly post six-second video clips on-the-go. Here are eight great tips for sharing your Caribbean island hopping or European backpacking adventures.

Learn the hard way, before you jet. Using this new app may come natural to some, but to others may take some practice along with trial and error. Because Vine does not give you the option to save or store video clips on your phone, you can either shoot and post in the present, or if not satisfied, delete and start over. Learn the technical side of the app before accidentally deleting a once in a lifetime whale-watching scene from your Alaskan cruise.

Get ideas and inspiration from fellow travelers. Check out the curated #travel category in the Explore section to see where others are jet-setting and how they are creatively documenting their adventures. Rule out what not to do for your videos and get inspired by styles you hope to try out yourself.

Plan out your video, just like you planned your vacation. Okay, perhaps not as detail-driven, but having a rough idea of what you're about to shoot and how to execute it makes a major difference. Vine gives videographers a spectrum of options, from one 6-second long frame to as many as 12 back-to-back half second ones, for their post.

Let your subject go through the motions, not the camera itself. If you're shooting from a high-speed rail through the rolling hills of Italy's Tuscany region, let the passing vistas be the main motion. Actively moving the camera itself can easily sour a repeating video clip, and even nauseate your beloved followers.

Slow and steady, there's no race. On the other hand, when given the opportunity to pan across a static scene, such as the irresistible panoramic view from your balcony in Playa del Carmen, keep your camera at one steady level. Plant your feet, twist your upper body to the left, tap to record and slowly pan to the right.

Don't forget about sound. Documenting an opera in the beautiful Mariinsky Theatre of St. Petersburg, Russia, is worthy of your followers' ears, but awkward breathing sounds resulting from your phone being too close to your face during the performance...not as relevant to the scene, nor appealing.

Be seen! Make sure to hashtag the videos you're proud of, so the world can see (and be envious of) your two-week trip to Southeast Asia: #southeastasia #indonesia #bali

Keep it rolling. The only way to churn out great videos on your travels is to practice, be creative, and have fun with it. Weeks, months, and years from now you'll appreciate your stop-motion video clip of that last night's Santorini sunset.

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