9/11 memorial

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Last night, I was walking home from dinner when I noticed that the gorgeous Woolworth Building is being garishly lit up with hot pink lights, like some two-bit hooker. (Well it is!) Then I saw that the 9/11 Memorial of Light (at least I think that's what it's called) was on again. If I remember correctly, it was a year after 9/11 that someone had the poetic idea of shining two bright columns of light where the Twin Towers stood. The columns have reappeared every year around September 11 (again, to the best of my memory). One year, there were millions of bats flying in the lights, presumably eating the bugs that the light drew--the lights seemed to glitter. Last year, however, they were only on for one day, September 11. (Adam and I went to his office near the top of the Chrysler Building to watch. It was unforgettably beautiful.) If you're in NYC on September 11, make sure you have a good vantage point downtown; one option would be Top of the Rock. It's my understanding that the ultimate memorial plans won't incorporate the columns of light, which is a shame, because they're far better than anything anyone else has mentioned.

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