A couple of new, helpful travel websites

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Here's a pair of money saving tips for travelers that I recently discovered on the techie blog lifehacker:

Figure out the likely price of your road trip by visiting

Drivepricing.com. All you have to do it plug in your average gas mileage and zip code. Don't know what kind of gas mileage your car gets? The site provide a link to

">fueleconomy.gov, which will offer you an estimate.

A new site called Hitchsters.comconnects people who want to share a taxi to and from a New York City airport. After signing up for the service, if you find a match, both travelers get a text message to their cell phones with the phone number and first name of the other traveler. The two people can then set up a place and time to meet. In the case of trips from an airport, the passenger to get dropped off first pays 60 percent of the fare. The service is currently only available in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but it will probably expand to other regions soon.

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