A Credit Card You Wear on Your Wrist?

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The chunky silicone design and bright, cheerful colors of the RumbaTime VanDam GO watch line might remind you of Swatch, circa 1985, but this water-resistant multitasker is anything but retro. Along with its standard digital-watch functions (date, alarm, stopwatch), the RumbaTime includes a nifty, 21st-century feature: It can double as a credit card.

All you have to do is register your checking or debit account with RumbaTime's VITA service, pay a $15 annual fee, and they'll mail you a chip to insert into the band. The watch can then be used to make cashless payments at nearly 180,000 tap-and-go terminals across the country, including gas stations, stores like Walgreens and Best Buy and New York City taxis.

The watch also carries an ID number that links to your personalized health profile, which in case of emergency can be accessed by an EMT to find your blood type, pre-existing conditions, and contacts. Now that's what we call a vacation lifesaver.

The watch goes for $35 and can be purchased at Rumbatime.com.

—Erik Rhey


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