A Few Appetizing Food Museums

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Food and travel are two great concepts that go together. But have you ever checked out a museum that specializes in cuisine? Here are a few worth a taste.

The Frietmuseum in Bruges, Belgium, is only a few years old and is devoted to the history of the fried potato (friet in Dutch and frites in French). The tour of galleries ends with a visit to a kitchen where you can see friet cooked—and judge yourself by sampling some. €6 (or $8), frietmuseum.be.

The Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, in Yokohama, a suburb of Tokyo, covers the history of Japan's signature noodle, ramen. Visitors can take in multimedia displays demonstrating good cooking technique. But the best part is the two floors that together form a replica of a 1958 Japanese streetscape, with eight neon-lit, steamy noodle shops representing famous branches from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Try a couple of dishes to pick your favorite version. (See a video of the museum below.) 300 yen, or about $4. raumen.co.jp/ramen.

The Currywurst Museum opened in 2006 in Berlin and celebrates the German capital's classic dish, Bratwurst sausage, covered in curried ketchup and first introduced into the city after World War II. Exhibitions include a Spice Chamber where you can sniff to test how refined your sense of smell is. €7 to €11, currywurstmuseum.de.

For a video of the cool ramen museum, jump to the 2-minute mark for the key part.


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