A few good links: Amsterdam cleaning up its act

Courtesy mandj98/Flickr

A few travel stories that caught my eye this past week:

Tiny Texas town is heading to Las Vegas for vacation. It's free—but the

citizens have to appear in Sin City tourism ads. [AP via Yahoo]

Amsterdam to close sex shops, brothels, marijuana cafes The mayor's plan would "cut the sex windows and marijuana cafes by more than half." [Tripso]

Passports with Purpose Travel bloggers holding a raffle to benefit Heifer International. [Wanderlust and Lipstick]

Europe's Christmas markets The Christmas market is "for Nuremberg what the Oktoberfest is for Munich." [Christian Science Monitor]

Five things I hate about airports Surprisingly, "lack of decent seats" didn't make the list. [Travel Rants]

Personalized in-flight mags at Heathrow HSBC is running an airport promotion that lets you pick from a bunch of articles to make your own ideal mag. But will it end up being more entertaining than flipping through SkyMall? [Springwise]

Is there a "Flat Tire Rule"? On some airlines, if you show up less than two hours late because of a flat tire or similar emergency, they'll put you on standby without a fee. [Airfarewatchdog]

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