A few good links: Is your travel agent crooked?

Courtesy Library of Congress/Flickr

White Noise for No Noise: Bliss on the Plane White noise on your MP3 player helps make a nightmare flight more bearable. [Travelocity]

Shine a light on it An ultraviolet light to see how clean your hotel surfaces are [Boston Globe]

A walk in the park For the holiday season, many amusement parks dress up, slow down, and attract a milder crowd than usual. [New York Times]

8 ways to tell if your travel pro is crooked Demanding that payment be made only in cash is not a good sign. [Elliott.org]

10 Seriously Unusual & Outlandishly Weird Asian Hotels The one shaped like a toilet is my favorite. [ProTraveller]

Versace Mansion in South Beach begins tours The $65 tour includes a stop to admire the pool, "made of more than a million Italian mosaic tiles and 24-karat gold pieces." [AP]

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