A few good links: Penguin madness

Courtesy SuzyDavis/myBudgetTravel
Penguin Parade, Phillip Island

Follow-up! HK "Airport Auntie" gets apology, ticket upgrade from Cathay. That lady who freaked out after missing her flight? She got an upgrade due to the "untold embarrassment" of having her tantrum appear on YouTube. [shanghaiist]

Weirdest stuff stopped at customs. You'll never guess what one guy had in his pants. [nydailynews.com]

Riding the Rails Taking Amtrak across the U.S. [New York Times]

A wunderbar welcome in Austria and Germany Lots of renovations make it a good time to visit. [CNN]

Penguin Places Where to see some of the world's most humorous birds. [Intelligent Travel]

Two words for a frugal flier: Patience. Wednesday. [Yahoo]

Chicago Has Your 'Heart Attack French Toast' The mascarpone-filled artery-clogger is at brunch spot Toast. [jaunted.com]

Obamasnacks—banned in Indonesia We're thinking these would make great souvenirs… [BoingBoing]

Where did Hillary Clinton stay in Israel? She and her staff took up 154 rooms in one of the country's most famous hotels. [Hotel Hotsheet]

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